CISS Software Oy


Econocap Engineering Oy is an IT software

company, founded in 1988.

Our decades of experience is due to our intensive work, covering Information and Data Management and 2D/3D Mechanics, PI&D, Electricity, Automation and 3D Pipe Design. The concept of Information and Data Management is wide and it covers also all special features of Document Management.


Due to our decades of feedback and experience from our customers, we have been able to develop MicroStation Add-ons, the EcE product family. This long experience and the most modern technology of Microsoft has been the corner stone, when we developed the CISS BaseŽ Information Management Software.


Econocap Engineering is a CERTIFIED Partner of Microsoft. Both Econocap and CISS Base have passed the demanding tests of Microsoft. CISS Base software is published on the international Windows compatible list of Microsoft.


During the years we have developed programs, among other things, integrated into the following CAD environments: AutoCAD, AutoCAD Mechanical, Inventor, MicroStation, SolidWorks and Solid Edge.


Our wide experience of various lines of businesses has still become wider due to our deliveries of document management programs in energy companies. Our cumulated experience is by now covering almost all lines of business in Finland.

Due to the experience coming from numerous lines of business, we are capable of operating successfully in all kinds of IT and data base environments.

Numerous years and long experience have also given us the precious skill of listening. This has led to our motto: We will hear and listen to you and then we will present our solution.