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CISS Base Document Management 

A CISS Base DOC license covers the important section of the INFORMATION MANAGEMENT of CISS Base software.

The Document Management will mean widely speaking the management of documents, the management of files and the data in data bases. The whole concept can be described with INFORMATION MANAGEMENT.  When the document management is in order, the next development step will be a Communicative Information Management.

CISS Base Document Management System will manage the data communication between documents and users. Furthermore it will also manage the automatic communication between the information and the documents. A Communicative Information Management will make a significant increase in the efficiency of your company compared with an ordinary document management system targeted only for the management of office documents or an archive system.

When you will have a CISS Base DOC license, you will manage all the documents and the related information, their versions, workflows, user rights, etc. Briefly, you will have all the information and all the documents in your control during their whole lifecycle. This will be performed in a controlled manner and data security taken into consideration.

Some examples of the special functions of CISS Base Document Management: the purchase invoice management (both scanned and electrical ones), the email management, the automatic updating of Intranet information, the workfow for all types of documents, the version control, the freezing of documents, the lifecycle management for all types of documents, the alarming system for the documents/users, the robust search (more efficient than Google), the internal communication system for users, etc. 

Based on the feedback from our customers, on our decades of experience and on the most modern .NET technology of Microsoft, we have been able to develop a software, which will boost the efficiency and save per user as much as hundreds of working hours annually used for document and information management.

A Communicative Document Management will mean the communication between the information and users/documents. A document is able to send a reminder to the user concerning the date of maturity of a contract, or the content of a document will be automatically filled in and, if needed, CISS Base will also be able automatically update the information or the document in Intranet.

CISS Base Document Management Software is extremely easy to learn, the Windows like tree structure is familiar to all users. There is absolutely no reason to fear. Start using the electronic document management!

The Basic idea of CISS Base Document Management System is the easy and painless use and implementation. Duo to this fact, CISS Base is suitable also for smaller companies, which do not have own IT support organization.


Document Management and the vital visual view on data

CISS Base Document Management System will mean for you that all the digital (electrical) documents of your company can be combined to logical entities, without a folder in between. And the most important is the fact that the structures of the documents (the ones you have rights) are also shown visually in a familiar Windows like tree structure. Documents are never invisible behind the user interface (where only the right search command will dig them up). You will all the time have a visual contact, how the documents are related to each other. For example, emails concerning a quotation are attached direct under the quotation on the document tree, all users who have right to see the quotation, you will also see the emails. No more need for the numerous copies of emails around the house.

No border on technical documents 

With the help of CISS Base DOC licence the user will also manage all CAD documents/files and structures. By using CISS Base, the user will be able to fill in the titleblocks and revision tables of a CAD drawing. CISS Base is even able to fill in the titleblocks created by AutoCAD LT.

The preview of CISS Base Document Management Software will enable the user to view 2D and 3D CAD files, 3D models and 3D structures. The preview will also show Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook (emails), etc. office documents.

Document Management can be extended to PDM system

For the needs of the designers, using CAD programs, there is a wider PDM license, which will also contain complete functions of CISS Base Document Management. All the designers produce also Word, Excel, PDF documents, have massive loads of emails, etc. A PDM system without a robust document management is a lame duck. CISS Base will manage both office documents, CAD files, 3D models, 3D structures, items, etc.

Data security 

An efficient document management will need perfect data security.The data security of CISS Base Document Management System is of top quality. The user will only see on tree the documents and folders authorized according to his/her role, the search will ignore the ones the user do not have rights. The other documents, folders and structures will stay invisible. Due to this fact the data security can be trusted. Documents checked in for the user, can only be edited by the user, of course other users are able to view and output the documents checked in.

Team work, Internet, working off-line and data transfer

CISS Base Document Management will support team work. When one user is editing the main document,the other members of the team are simultaneously able to edit attachments and other related documents. All the time all the members of the team will see on their own workstation, what the others have established.

The users of the CISS Base can be on situated throughout the world. The browser interface will give access to authorized documents and data, where ever the browser will function.

Due to the “briefcase” capability of CISS Base, the user will automatically manage the documents taken with him into business trip and the automatic return of the documents in the system, when returned from the trip.

The data transfer from CISS Base DOC into other systems of your company will be easy to establish by using Import and Export functions. The data transfer has been performed by using the commonly used standards.