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CISS Base PDM is a PROGRAM FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF CAD DOCUMENTS, PRODUCT STRUCTURES, ITEMS AND BOMs, functioning in your local network as well as in Internet.

By choosing CISS Base, you will have a complete Product Data Management software (PDM) and also a complete Product Lifecycle Management software (PLM) The program is supporting all widespread 2D/3D CAD programs on the market, even simultaneously within the same project.

Manage all information during the whole life cycle incl. items 

There are more than 10 000 items ready for you to use, according to EN standard in several languages.  With the structural documentation you will efficiently manage the entire documentation of your company: versions, life cycles, work flows, user rights, data security and delivery of information.

Product Data Management and Document Management 

When you are considering an investment on PDM system, you can not forget emails and all the other documents of the project. It will be a big mistake to focus only on CAD files. Your PDM system will be insufficient, if it does not contain efficient document management for all the other documents of the project. CISS Base PDM will manage all CAD files, 2D/3D structures, items and all the the other documents of the project, including emails. Your after sales reps will appreciate, when they can see at one glance on the project, what has been delivered and what has been agreed with the customer.

Visual view will bring clarity on digital documents 

The virtual document structure tree of CISS Base is flexible and it will make it possible for you to attach documents direct into each other. The end result will be a logical entity. The part shown in BOM can be created in CISS Base or direct in CAD program. When updating weight in one BOM, there will also be an automatic update of weights in other BOMs in the whole structure. You are able to set up a BOM positioned inside the drawing or output it in Excel.

Due to the most modern technology of Microsoft, the program will become one with Windows. The usage of the program in internet will not, in any way, be different than the usage in your office. There is also possibility for you to use the Browser version.


CISS Base PDM software is compatible with the most widespread CAD programs in the market, like AutoCAD, Inventor, MicroStation, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, KeyCreator, Vertex, CADS…

Multi-CAD support 

You will be able to work in the same project by using several CAD programs. In spite of the previous fact, the reporting will function like the project had been performed by using a single CAD. The CAD compatibility is really meaning the fact that you will be able, in reality, to work with several CAD programs in the same project. As to the reporting into ERP system, all CAD programs are equal, from the point of view of CISS Base PDM.

2D/3D Items 

You will also manage items and the maintenance of item base by using CISS Base PDM. Econocap Engineering will add new items, update them and will take care of the fact that all items will be according to the newest EN standards. CISS Base PDM supports simultaneously several standards. It will also be possible for you to use your own items in addition to the ones existing in CISS Base.


The program supports the usage of templates. The user may save own templates or use the ones Econocap has created. All standard reports (for example BOM) are there ready to be used in the program. The program is using Excel as a reporting tool, due to this fact it is possible to quickly add new reports. Econocap Engineering will modify the necessary reports according to customer needs and standards.


All basic reports (for example BOM) are ready in CISS Base PDM. The program is using Excel as a reporting tool. Due to this fact, it is easy and a prompt operation to add various reports. Econocap Engineering, as a supplier, will modify the necessary reports according to the needs of customers.

Data transfer 

The data transfer from CISS Base into other systems will be conducted by using XML. The Import and Export APIs are done by using standard XML. Due to this fact the parties do not need to agree the format of the data to be transferred => compatibility and smaller cost.

Data security 

The top class data security of CISS Base will defend you against outside and inside attacks. For each user it will be defined a role (profile), according to which the user will see the authorized documents (objects). The other documents (objects) will stay invisible. New documents, and the documents under modification, are only subject to modification by the user in question, until he will release them for the use of other users.

The basic idea of CISS Base PDM is the ease of use in local network and in Internet. This program has been developed with our customers, based on the experience of more than two decades. We will strongly argue that there are no basic PDM functions missing. We will guarantee that if some desired feature is missing, we will very soon implement it.


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